MOVE. Photography by Annemarie Koerten

1. Oktober bis 14. Oktober 2016

Freitag, 30. September 2016, 17:00 bis 22:00

koerten move

Annemarie Koerten left her birth town Rotterdam at a very early age to establish herself in Amsterdam in the edgy late eighties. She has worked in many different fields, but always found herself restless.

Her passion for travel has brought her to many wonderful places around the globe such as Peru, Israel, Turkey, Morocco, India and Indonesia. Today Berlin is her base, but it’s on the road where she feels most at home.

The challenging moments in her life have gifted Annemarie with an enormous compassion and empathy for people of all backgrounds. She quotes: „Photography for me is about showing the world through my eyes and portraying the places and people I encounter. I believe beauty can be found everywhere – especially in the details that can be further admired once frozen in the decisive moment a image is captured.“

After realizing that photography is what brings her a sense of purpose and satisfaction, she gave it her full dedication. She is currently engaged in a 3-year intensive program at „die neue Schule für Fotografie“ in Berlin, where she is further developing her self thaught skills.

Her first solo exhibition “MOVE’’ at Galerie Isabelle Gabrijel showcases her love for the diversity of the world and its people.

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